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Norse Realms

Personal Rite of Passage

On December 18, 2010, I was ceremoniously released from my vows in the Christian faith and baptized by Fire, Well and Tree in the snow surrounded by 9 members of my heart family.

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Overall, I am very happy with the rite. It was a beautiful day spent surrounded by beautiful people. Thank you to all of you who shared in this important day with me. I can't wait to see where my path will lead next!

Samhain with Three Cranes Grove, ADF

This year, our Grove once again honored Cernunnos and the Ancestors during our Samhain feast. Eldest Minion served as the fire tender. He is still super-excited about that. Girl Minion helped pass out the ribbons for the Ancestors wreath, but her focus was more on playing with Chloe, whom she really needs to see more often, as happy as they are together. Timmy, bless his autistic heart, stayed home with his father. Monday was his first day at the new school (more about that to follow), and we definitely wanted him to be at his best and not over stimulated before he even got there!

Before the ritual started, I spoke with seamus_mcnasty who gave me a present. :) Those of you who are lj friends with him may have seen this post regarding his grandfather's land. Seamus smiled and said, "This is for you. Hob wanted you to have it," and placed in my hand a stone from the Mustard half-acre. This is significant because of the 2008 3CG Cantlos Druid Moon. Thank you, Seamus. This is the best gift you could have given to me.

During the working portion of the rite, we had the honor of witnessing the wedding vows betweenskarlett_syn and Richard. They share a deep love and devotion for one another, and it was wonderful to witness such a beautiful union. We had cake in the shape of a coffin made by JoE and Traci: Cake, Cake, and More Cake!

Our omens were Thurisaz, Sowilo and Mannaz. I always smile when Sowilo comes up. It is my rune, after all. (Those of you who know me may recall the amber sun pendant that I wear.)

I am still having a hard time dissociating in public. I am going to refrain from analyzing this trend until after clinicals are over (two more weeks!!). It may just be pure, unadulterated EXHAUSTION. :P *Sigh* I'm stuck in a holding pattern. I don't know how you folks who are so busy with work all the time keep up with everything!

I'm doing well, and I have a lot to be thankful for in my life. I am focusing on the good things and feeding only those things that I want to grow. This weekend: divination with Anna and Jonsi in concert. Once clinicals are over, I have two personal rites to finish and work on Hellenic Winter Solstice with [info]skylark913. Yay, Heliogenna! We are actually going to do all nine devotional days as a group, with the ninth day being the day of the Crane rite. See? Lots of good stuff to come!
Crane Kin

Fall Equinox Anniversary Rite.

*Well, better late than never. This clinical schedule is kicking my tail.

Last Sunday, Three Cranes Grove held our Anniversary rite, celebrating our 9th Fall Equinox and closing our 8th full year as a Grove. The Deity of the Occasion was Teutates, the God of the Tribe, and I had the honor of serving as Bard for this rite. I called to Ogmios as Bardic  Deity for inspiration, and the words that came out were not close to what I had intended. His presence was with me throughout the rite, and I am really enjoying working with him. It's nice to be developing a relationship with a Celtic Deity. I've previously been rather distant from the hearth cutlure in general.

Overall, the rite went very well. It was a little distracting to have the kids with me, and I am eternally grateful to Jan, Irisa and Tamie for keeping Timmy entertained and safe while I served the folk. Omens were good, and a lot of folks left with very positive feelings. We even got a couple of emails from some folks who are not currently members but wanted to thank us for the experience.

I didn't get much from the rite personally, but I never do when I have my kids with me. I can't (and shouldn't) allow myself to dissociate when I am in charge of them. I am having a hard time with this, because I know it is good for them to be there, even though they don't really participate, but I end up "being at work," and I always need help, which kinda bothers me.

Anyway, it was a good rite, and I am pleased with the role I played in it. Samhain attendance isn't looking good, but it might be nice to give the folk a break from my big mouth anyway. :)

I am very busy and feeling rather isolated, but I am overall doing well.
Music Notes

Ok, this makes me happy.

 I am beginning the long process of uploading the study program completion submissions for the Bardic Guild. I started with my own, so that if I messed something up, it would be mine, haha.

So, ADF members, clicky! (Non-ADF members, these files have already been posted here, so you're not missing anything.)

Now that I know what I am doing, I will be uploading and posting the other completions I have on file. Bardic Squee!

Lughnasadh at the Dublin Irish Festival with Three Cranes Grove, ADF

On the bright, sunny morning of August 8, 2010, I had the privilege of participating in the first (annual?) Three Cranes Grove, ADF, rite to be held at the Dublin Irish Festival in Dublin, OH: The second largest Irish festival in the country. Weeks of careful planning and practice led up to a very fine performance by all celebrants.

We began with music, which was wonderful for this bard. I played several original pieces during what I presumed to be a soundcheck (ha). It started out that way, but the Sound Engineer, Tom, was enjoying the music, so he never stopped me. It was a treat for me to play pagan songs for a mixed crowd, sending strength and beginning the threads of the community bond for this ritual between pagans and non-pagans alike. What a beautiful way to begin a service! (I think we should start including more "prelude" bardic pieces in our future rites. It would be a great way to introduce more music to the folk, as well.)

anivair and ravenna_blue did an excellent Two Powers attunement. It was effective and well delivered. Our Deity of the occasion was Tailtiu, and chronarchy told her story as our main offering, which went very well.

shawneen_bear took the omen, and the Ogham Omens were as follows:

What Blessing do the Ancestors have for us?  Duir, The Oak....Strength
What Blessings do the Spirits of Nature Have for us? Oir ,The Spindle Tree.... The Blessings of our home and Hearth
What Blessings do the Shining Ones have for us?  Ur, The Heather The Blessings of the Homelands

Taken together these might suggest "The Kindreds remind us that  true and lasting Strength flows from the sacred Home, its Hearth and from the sacred soil of our Homelands"

Shawneen/Grove Seer
2010 Dublin Irish Festival Lughnasadh

In all, there were at least 327 participants counted, making this our largest rite by far. Samhain 2009, our first rite with 100+ participants is now a distant second. My, how far we have come in the short time that I have been a Crane!

On a personal level, this was the first rite that I really had to "work." We have a large grove, and the parts are usually spread out over a large number of people with the magical acts performed by the Priests and Elders (used that word for you, tanrinia ) of the Grove. As Grove Bard, I probably participate on a similar level to a Grove Elder, but the chanting work done is not typically very taxing, and the songs are pretty spread out. For this rite, however, I began with several songs designed (by me) to showcase my voice (read: pagan power ballads). Amidst the chaos of the greater festival, I put into practice during this rite those words I keep repeating, that music is a ritual device--and I used it to it's full potential. By the time we were through the chant for the waters about three times, I felt the draining effect of long-term expending. I was grateful for my training then, because I was able to send my roots down and draw deeply from the Earth to carry me through the next 14 times through. It was awesome. I feel very proud of myself for finally "getting it," this whole business of allowing the Kindred to work through me in a magical act without losing control. I don't know if I can do it without the music, but this is a big step for me.

I crested the 24-hour mark sans sleep toward the end of the rite. Needless to say when I arrived home, I kissed my kids and went straight to a peaceful sleep. And I woke up full.