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Practical Bardry

The Path toward Initiation and Song.

4 December 1977
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(Ah, a blank page that asks me to tell an unknown audience about myself is so daunting...)

In short, I am a polyamorous, druidic married mother of three.

More detailed, I enjoy playing music on many instruments and singing. I am the current Members Advocate of Ar ndraíocht féin, A Druid Fellowship, as well as the Bard of Three Cranes Grove, ADF.

My youngest son is autistic and doing very well.

My oldest son is one of the most gentle-hearted young men I have ever met.

My daughter is a middle child with a heart full of joy and a mouth that belies her tiny physique. She will tell you exactly how she feels. Exactly.

Besides my familial obligations, I am currently going back to college to complete by bachelor's degree, writing music, reading several books for the ADF Initiate Program and working third shift at a Children's hospital. In that order. If you want to know more, you'll have to read my journal. :)